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Hotel Agata
Strada alla Fornace, 6/a
13900 Biella (BI)

The “Città Studi” university campus in Corso Pella street, and the “Palazzo Boglietti” building well known for its thematic exhibitions, are easily reachable on foot from the hotel.

Furthermore, the hotel complex is a kilometre away from the historical city centre, whose charm is enhanced by the “Museo del Territorio” museum with its vast Egyptian collection, by the “Duomo” cathedral and the “Santissima Trinità” church, both recently restored, and by the modern and lately inaugurated “Biblioteca Civica Centrale” library. Right behind the latter, you will find the lower station of the funicular which will take you to discover the old town, the so-called “Piazzo” quarter, famous for the majestic “Palazzo La Marmora” palace and the exquisite manicured gardens of “Palazzo Gromo Losa” palace. Yet the province of Biella offers many other recreation and entertainment opportunities.